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Graduate Attributes


Graduate attributes are the characteristics that graduates developed through their study at the college. These characteristics enable the graduates to be capable in transferring the knowledge, skills, and attitudes acquired to the labor market.

1.    Competent in their field of endeavor

       a)   Acquire essential disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge

       b)   Adept at applying the attained competencies and knowledge at workplace

2.    Culturally and inter-culturally effective communicators

       a)   Develop effective skills in communicating with others in English

       b)   Build pragmatic knowledge of interacting with others in culturally diverse environments

3.    Critical thinkers and problem solvers

       a)   Capable of exercising critical thinking techniques to solve problems in varied situations

       b)   Aware of local problems and capable of conducting relevant and quality research projects

4.    Socially responsible

       a)   Develop personal integrity and professional ethics

       b)   Engage in contributing to the welfare of community and nation

5.    Economically aware

       a)   Mindful of fundamental and contemporary economic issues

       b)   Aware of labor market requirements at local, regional, and international levels